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Resource Round-Up: 8/31 Edition

(August 31, 2012) Written by:

Time again for the weekly Resource Round-Up! Every week, we will gather all the resources we have shared with you and gather it into one nice package for easy digesting and a little light weekend reading.

Our featured post is a great article on approaching your marketing holistically and allowing all the different parts to work together. Thinking Holistically About Marketing Services

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Talking SEO with John Doherty

A Primer on Adwords Remarketing using Google Analytics

Who Should Care About Geo Rankings and Why?


How to Do a Content Audit

Not Bloggin? Read This!

21 Utterly Random Ideas for Content

10 Grammar Mistakes That Can Keep Your Content From Spreading

Balanicng Your Morals With Personas and Aliases

A Beginners Guide to Domain Buying


Thinking Holistically About Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Mistakes

3 Ways Marketers Can Leverage the New LinkedIn

Facebook gives page owners new option to target friends of fans with Promote Button

4 Strategies for Facebook Search Ads

Facebook Page Manager App With More Support For Photos

New Page Post Targeting for Pages with Over 5,000 Likes

Facebook May Soon Allow Ad Targeting by Email

How Much Should You Plan to Pay Your Social Media Community Manager?

How to Manage a Day Job and Your Community

Promoted Posts – Breakdown and tips for best use

OblongPixel Blog Posts

Last Week’s Resource Round-up

You’re Lying to Your Boss: How your dashboard misleads & how to fix it

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: 10 Essentials to Check Before You Launch a Website

Thanks again for reading and enjoy the holiday weekend if you are in the US! Everybody else, have fun on Monday!


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